If you want some great real estate email marketing tips to put some great ideas into practice today, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s understand, from now on, how you can improve and increase the engagement of your digital marketing strategies in just one tool and in just one channel, which is email.

Come on?

Real estate email marketing tips – See 45 ideas to put into practice in your email marketing campaigns

It is not always easy to build a good real estate email marketing campaign. After all, there is no such thing as a foolproof recipe and if you do, you will be successful. On the contrary. Email marketing is a lot of practice, study, and testing, as you need to feel your audience and, therefore, extract the best paths to continue the project.

And to help you, see below 45 real estate email marketing tips that will certainly make all the difference in your campaigns. Follow up!

It all starts with a good subject in the email – This will be the bait for the user to open the email

All good email marketing starts with the headline. Without a good headline, you won’t be able to get the audience to click and open the message. Therefore, be sure to invest a lot of time thinking about a title (subject) that has good mental triggers, creating a sense of urgency for the opening.

Avoid a very long title so that it is cut off and the person cannot read

Long subjects are not recommended. Because? Because the email system can limit the number of characters and thus cut the message. And if the message gets cut off at an important point, no one will open the real estate marketing email.

Capture the lead’s name to use in the titles and text of the email – This will create engagement

Creating engagement is one of the most important points for any digital marketing campaign. The more engagement, the more results in the medium and long term. And with emails, this is no different. Therefore, use strategies that help to create more connection with people – and using their name in the title or body of the email can be an excellent alternative.

Never misspell – English mistakes can damage your real estate’s image

Writing wrong is a very serious problem. This generates a very negative perception of your real estate company, as it does not convey a sense of professionalism. However, writing right does not mean being formal and boring. But, yes, writing in a cohesive, objective, simple way and in the lead language – but without mistakes in Portuguese.

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Using numbers in titles can be a good attempt to bring more openings.

All titles that have some sort of numeral tend to have a higher take-up and engagement rate. People like lists and this makes them more likely to open your email. Do something similar to this article you’re reading here on the blog: 45 real estate email marketing tips.

Avoid words that create SPAM feelings

SPAM is the famous virtual junk. People don’t want to receive SPAM at all. And even though your email is not SPAM, a few words can give the impression that it is. And the trigger server itself will be able to block the submissions. Words like “click here”, “promotion” and “offer” sound like SPAM.

Don’t create disproportionately colored text and font sizes – be natural

The more colorful the text and random fonts, large and small, the more annoying it will be for the real estate lead to read your email. Don’t go overboard in customizing and coloring texts – that’s not good.

Capital letters show who you’re screaming with the lead

Let’s be serious: nobody likes to hear a person who speaks with a higher pitch and makes you feel like you’re screaming, right? And in emails, this can be characterized by capital letters that, in practice, symbolize a word spoken aloud. TALKING LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME is not healthy for your audience.

Make emails objective and have a clear purpose: have only one central idea

Don’t scatter your emails. Be clear, objective and focus on keeping the text within the core idea like Lahore Smart City People are easily disconnected from a message, so you need to act quickly, without taking too many loops.

To use or not to use emojis?

Use it! Emojis have a positive effect for anyone who is reading a message, mainly due to the fact that nowadays the vast majority of audiences already know the meaning of each little face. Tip: Study your audience and try to understand everything about them. Behaviors will help guide the use of emojis.

Make a good division between images and text

Using images and text in an email can be a good idea. But do this so that the division is clear and cohesive, without overdoing it either way. Tip: Images need to be lightweight so they don’t overload email loading.

Create links on images and also on words in the text

The internet is made up of links. Therefore, the more links you use in your content and campaigns, the better. This is what will build a flow to the pages you want people to go to.

The ALT on images is important to create alternative text if the image doesn’t load

Have you ever heard of the ALT tag? It is used so that when an image fails to load, text appears in its place. Therefore, use the ALT on the images you place in your email marketing.

Have specific buttons that stay within the central idea of ​​the email

Creating buttons is very important to build your link network better. Buttons generate the urge to click. That’s why, for all the links that are important to the email, use a button of a specific color. This is one way to better build your calls to action.

Create responsive real estate email marketing so it doesn’t create a side scroll bar

This is one of the most important real estate email marketing tips: think mobile. Today, people use cell phones a lot to surf the internet. And your emails need to be responsive to the point where they don’t create the side scrollbar. Make browsing easier and don’t make people want to immediately close your email.

Never send your emails without testing

Always test! Never send emails to an audience list without effectively testing them first.

Don’t buy email lists hoping to increase your revenue

Purchasing email lists is not an acceptable practice for digital marketing, as you will be sending real estate email marketing to people you don’t even know. And this generates disconnection that, in the end, only generates costs.

Always offer a link for the lead to unsubscribe from the email list

The unsubscribe option cannot be hidden. On the contrary: make it very evident so that there is no mistrust on the part of the leads.

Do not send real estate marketing email to contacts who are not engaged

This tip is also related to the previous tip, about buying a mailing list. Sending messages to people who aren’t engaged may not be healthy, as you need to build engagement before triggering emails.

Perform reputation tests to verify that your domain is not on SPAM lists

There are now great tools that can help you in the domain reputation verification process. And with that, you can know if your domain is or not in a SPAM list. If so, your emails will hardly be delivered to the recipient.

Consider creating text-only emails (no images)

Creating text-only emails can be a good alternative to facilitate page loading. Therefore, create texts that engage, are objective and can make people act. Read more about copywriting for real estate companies so that you can build good texts in this sense.

Create lots of targeting to understand your audience

Targeting is critical to improving your conversion rate. The more segmented an email list is, the more likely it is to get the messages right because you’re talking to the right people.

Don’t send too many emails and don’t send too few emails either

Everything that’s too much is bad. Therefore, avoid sending massive emails. But also, avoid small amounts. Sinning for excess can lead your campaigns to failure, as it generates disengagement.

Use forms the smart way

Have clear goals in every email you send. And using forms within messages can be an excellent idea to show objectivity. In addition to helping to create a good segmentation later.

Make people feel that email is personal – don’t use plural

When we talk about email, we’re talking about someone’s personal inbox. So don’t use plural. Call the person in a unique way. Don’t create an “audience” feeling, with expressions like: “Hello everyone” , “I made it for you” , etc.

Use people’s time wisely

When someone clicks on your real estate marketing email, that person is willing to offer their time to read your message. So don’t beat around the bush and use your lead time very well.

Do lots of testing until you find the ideal email format

Taking tests is the motto of digital marketing. And this is one of the real estate email marketing tips that you need to apply, even in other strategies: test a lot until you find the ideal format.

Test schedules and see when there’s a higher open rate

Times matter. However, there is no way to say what are the best times to send emails. You will have to find out from your campaign tests. Understand your audience, as it is unique.

Use mental triggers smartly

Mental triggers generate mental demands. That is, they make people take action. Therefore, use them responsibly. See here:  10 Best Mental Triggers for Realtors

Use CTAs without fear – but don’t overdo it

Use calls to action – the famous CTAs. This is what will make a person click or not on a link. Don’t be afraid to call a person to click on something as long as it’s relevant.

Do not send attachments

Sending attachments is detrimental to the server and the open rate. Email can get heavy and people can feel suspicious. Besides, your email will hardly be delivered by the server, as it will understand it as SPAM.

Sign up for other mailing lists to benchmark

Understand the market around you. This will help create great campaign opportunities. Here’s how to benchmark.

Be personal – People connect with people

Try to be as personal as possible, using one-on-one language. People connect with people.

Always indicate that the next email will be important

Make people wait for the next email – set expectations. The open rate will increase with this.

Never send random emails – Always deliver value

Sending random emails is completely out of the question. Always deliver some kind of value to the lead.

Create a unique list (segmentation) for some contacts

Build a kind of “club” to build better targeting.

Don’t just send offers or promotions – Email marketing is more than that

Send rich content that adds value to people’s lives and only then think about selling a property.

Don’t go too long without sending emails

Have a good frequency of submissions, so that you don’t create long “holes” in the calendar.

Work your real estate’s branding in the emails

Send emails with the brand of your real estate company, in order to build your identity and people can understand “from afar” who the email is.

Build an identity in the language of emails

Build a good language in communication, so that this language is always used (identity).

Always analyze email marketing metrics

Email platforms always deliver metrics for each campaign. Never fail to review them to improve future submissions.

Ask people to add your real estate to email contacts

When adding your real estate agency in the email contacts, new messages will hardly go to SPAM, because the server understands that your emails are trustworthy.

Create engagement (clicks, registrations, social networks)

Creating engagement gives you better insight into your audience. So, ask them to click, register or go to their social networks via email.

Send exclusive content that the lead will only find in the email

Make the lead realize that some content he will only receive on your email list.

Never send SPAM

And finally, never send SPAM – these are messages that people don’t want to receive.

With these real estate email marketing tips, you are just a few steps away from building good campaigns going forward. Count on Ville Imob and good sales!