Learning how to create a quick and easy real estate website like Lahore Smart City is no longer a problem these days. After all, having a real estate website is no longer just a competitive advantage – it is a must for real estate companies seeking to position themselves in a more incisive way in the market.

However, we know that these issues that are a little more technical can often go far from the reality of those who just want to sell real estate.

And precisely for that reason, in today’s text, we will better understand some criteria that you should consider when creating your website.

We will present a very easy way to do this and we will also understand the benefits of this quick and practical method so that any broker or any real estate agent can have a professional website within minutes.

Follow along to understand everything.

Create a quick and easy real estate website – Here are the first steps for you to have a responsive website that ranks first on Google

The first step for you to learn how to create a real estate website quickly and easily is to understand that this will only be possible if you have the right tools at hand.

Nowadays, creating a website is no longer a monster like it could be in the past. On the contrary. Today, you create a website in a few minutes and you can start promoting it, perhaps, in the same day.

However, simply getting the site ready cannot be the ultimate goal. You need to consider all “hidden” situations so that your website can perform better on the web.

Thus, building a real estate website goes beyond something merely aesthetic. It is necessary, first of all, to think about the user who will be on the other side, following your website and browsing it.

With that in mind, consider that it needs to be fast, have a good SEO, able to adapt on mobile and so on. But do not worry. We will teach you step by step how to do all of this from now on. Follow up.

Start building from a pre-made platform to save time, money and have a professional website in minutes

So that you can start building your real estate website today, we recommend that you start with a pre-made platform. Even because, creating a website for real estate from scratch can require a lot of knowledge that is not acquired overnight.

However, at the same time, you cannot use any pre-made platform. But yes, through a platform made exclusively for real estate websites, focused on the market and prospects, through those who truly understand the subject.

This is one of the best strategies for you to take your website design off the paper, as you can save a lot of time and money by hiring a pre-made platform.

After all, you won’t have to worry about the technical issues that would involve programming and design professionals – you’ll just need to assemble and position the elements on your website according to your real estate’s visual identity. That simple.

Let’s better understand the characteristics of this type of tool for creating real estate websites and, who knows, you can start yours today. Follow up!

Websites with ready resources to start selling real estate on the internet – Customize everything for your real estate

Creating a real estate website from a ready-made platform is one of the best alternatives for those looking for speed and agility in the process.

Because everything will be ready and you will only need to do what makes sense for your brand itself – colors, entries, position of elements on the screen, etc. Focusing, in this case, on the user experience and paying attention to what will really make the difference in the long run.

Ready-made real estate websites are a kind of platforms with ready-to-use resources. In other words, everything that programmers, developers and agencies would charge thousands of reais to build, you can have in your real estate agency with just a few clicks – and a little creativity to make the site look like your business.

We have separated some features that a pre-made real estate website can offer for your sales strategy and for your real estate marketing strategies. Check it out:

  • Properties within the profile of the client or prospect ;
  • Field to perform advanced searches (filters);
  • List of similar properties to build visual semantics for the prospect;
  • All sites with the possibility to build the SEO of the properties ;
  • Tool for online chat on the real estate website directly with brokers;
  • Forms for capturing real estate leads ;
  • Specific area for publishing news and generating engagement with prospects;
  • Quick Links to Financing Simulators – Which are ideal for expediting a sale;
  • Ideal for those looking for a fast positioning on Google – Sites are created and optimized for internet search engines;

To make it easier, we’ll explain each of the above items from now on. Keep reading to understand better.

Properties within the profile of the client or prospect

To start creating a real estate website, you need to understand that the website will be made for prospects and customers, not your real estate’s ego. In other words, you need to build thinking about the people who will actually use the site.

In this case, knowing how to make a real estate website that prioritizes the experience of those on the other side is more important than simply organizing your real estate website in a “beautiful” way. Here, we should not stick to merely illustrative and “decorative” issues, so to speak.

But yes, you need to understand a little more about consumer behavior in real estate, so you can create pages that make sense to customers and prospects.

In other words, this means that you need to have pages that have properties within the customer’s profile so that they can feel comfortable browsing and actually find the product they want.

However, if the desired property is still not on the site, it is important that the prospect can fill out a form so that he can tell you more about his desires so that your real estate agent can find the perfect product.

Field to perform advanced searches (filters)

Another very important technical feature that your real estate website must have is the question of search filters. That is, creating a real estate website is developing a true showcase for your prospect. So that, in this way, he can visualize what calls his attention the most, being able to browse the properties that really make sense.

Thus, it is necessary to invest in qualified filters that facilitate this process of finding the “ideal property” through searches within your website. These filters need to receive special care from the technical team of programmers, as they will need to offer many filtering options so that the website user finds the perfect product.

However, you won’t have to worry about any of this, as building a website in Ville Imob’s pre-made template offers this feature in a fully integrated and ready-to-use way, without any additional costs and hassles.

Everything will be ready, running and waiting for the site visitors. Cool, isn’t it?

List of similar properties to build visual semantics for the prospectus

Have you ever heard of visual semantics? This is a very important resource for any type of real estate marketing strategy that is concerned with the organic processes of the prospect.

That is, if a prospect arrives at your site through some ad or organic content on Google, it is important to offer navigability options so that access is even more productive.

These options can be numerous. Everything is always aimed at your user’s experience, so that he doesn’t visit just once and leave your site aside, but so he can simply return or stay longer on the page, receiving more triggers and developing his desire of purchase.

You can even increase your time on the site through advertisements for similar properties, so that the prospect doesn’t leave the site suddenly and from the same page they entered.

This internal navigation, in addition to helping the prospect find the product they want, helps Google understand that your real estate website is relevant to the user – and it will be better positioned in search engines in the medium and long term.

Visual semantics allow you to automatically offer different property options, according to the characteristics of the current property that is open on the website. Cool, isn’t it?

All sites with the possibility to build the SEO of properties

The SEO for real estate sites is a subject a little more technical. But that needs to be considered by all those professionals who really want to bring a potential buying audience to the site and who want to receive free traffic from Google.

After all, real estate SEO is nothing more than an optimization strategy so that Google can read all the information on the site and can then position the best pages in the search results, so that the user who is looking for something, find your real estate website.

Thus, your website will be more visible in search engines, being found much more easily by your potential customers. And we know that the more potential customers visit your pages, the greater the chances of converting a new sale, right?

The pre-made models of Ville Imob sites ensure that you can develop good techniques and SEO strategies so that your site is always well positioned on Google to receive a qualified traffic and you can buy any product in the future.

Tool for online chat on the real estate website directly with brokers

Another essential feature for those who want to create a real estate website and that Ville Imob models offer is the real estate chat system.

This is a feature more than important for those who want to talk to users who are browsing the site so that there is a greater human proximity in that environment. In addition, this way you can make your customers not spend too much time waiting for an answer.

A functional real estate chat can make you better know the people who are browsing the site and, with that, you can assemble even more personalized strategies so that conversions happen in the medium and long term.

In addition, a real estate chat can bring much more credibility to the site, as the user will feel more confident – ​​because people connect with people. Always think about it.

Forms for capturing real estate leads

On the internet we call prospects leads. However, on the web we can capture hundreds of thousands of prospects in a few days – different from what it would be in the physical and offline world.

But for that to happen, it is necessary to have specialized tools dedicated to the process – without compromising the strategy.

Thus, having specialized forms for capturing prospects on the website is one of the smartest ways to build an asset base for the medium and long term.

Every user who decides to provide contact for your site is also a potential customer for a few weeks or months from now.

And all you need to do is maintain a close and proper relationship so that there is a connection between prospect and real estate. See how to do this in this article here:  Real Estate Customer Relationship – How to improve?

Specific area for publishing news and generating engagement with prospects

Creating a real estate website doesn’t mean you need to set up an online store.

In other words, you will be able to set up a window specialized in a certain real estate niche and, at the same time, you will be able to create spaces for prospects to “feel at home”.

One of the ways to do this is to implement market news on your website so that you are a reference and attract a specific audience.

In addition to issues related to the prospects themselves, you can be much more relevant on Google, because the more content you put on your site, the more relevance the search engine will give it.

And writing well-founded news and with good didactics for the user, will certainly make Google see your site with more affection. Think about it!

Quick Links to Financing Simulators – Which are Ideal for Speeding Up a Sale

The process of a real estate sale is a long one. A potential customer does not decide that he will buy a property one day and close the deal the next.

The purchase decision takes time. On average 2 years. However, it is essential that you offer your real estate prospect all the conditions necessary for it to structure its decision.

You can help in the process with content production as well as tools such as financing simulators. Ville Imob’s pre-made websites offer tools to quickly and practically simulate financing while still on the website.

Which is handy for all users – plus you can still capture leads from leads.

Ideal for those looking for a fast positioning on Google – Sites are created and optimized for internet search engines

And finally, it’s no use having a real estate website and it doesn’t appear on Google.

Being on Google is a basic foundation for anyone who wants to grow a website in the medium and long term. But to do this it takes a lot of effort and dedication, since Google only gives relevance to the best sites.

The pre-made templates of Ville Imob offer optimization for Google to index the pages and, in time, give authority to his estate. And all this without you having to worry about code, programming or web development.