There are several ways to make investments in Brazil – and each option has its own characteristics related to liquidity, security and return to investors. For this reason, it is important to evaluate the details of the applications well before joining them. In addition to the possibilities offered in the market to save resources and obtain income, you can buy real estate.

When you buy your own home in Blue world City, it is possible to leave the rent or rent it to someone else, if it is the second property, and obtain monthly income. In this post, we will show you why investing in real estate in the pandemic and present relevant information on the subject. Here, you will discover the advantages of this type of investment and what you need to consider when buying.

Would you like to know the options available for purchasing real estate and understand its pros and cons? Follow the topics below!

Why invest in real estate?

There are several reasons to invest in park view villas. One of them refers to the resistance that these goods have had over the years, since they are classified as durable.

A house or an apartment can be used for a lifetime and remain in the family for many generations, as the property is passed on from parents to children. Here are other reasons to invest in real estate!


Real estate generally values, so devaluation occasions are rare. Thus, the purchase of these assets increasingly increases the assets of investors, who can do excellent business in the future. The degree of appreciation depends on some factors, such as location, infrastructure, security, among others.

Real estate investments offer better results in the long term due to the offers of the modality in the most varied regions. The real estate valuation is the result of the need for housing, which is growing in our country, especially in urban areas. Properties in the plant are excellent alternatives for those who wish to build a heritage and look for attractive prices.


Real estate is a potential source of income for its owners since they are not just for housing. If you have good personal financial control, you can do much more than leave the rent. With the purchase of these properties, one option is to rent the spaces and receive monthly the rent paid by tenants.

Extra income

Income from leased properties can be used to purchase other properties and to increase owners’ extra income. These investments are durable, safe and very interesting for asset formation, given that they are not subject to economic crises. Goods can also be modified to make them more attractive and profitable.

Less risk exposure

A strategy widely used by investors to decrease the chances of financial losses is to assess investment risks. Property purchases offer less exposure than other applications offered in the market. In fact, it is an opportunity that constitutes a solid asset through assets that value over time.

Solid investment

Real estate acquisitions are solid investments since this type of equity is unlikely to be lost. The amounts invested in the purchase of these goods will eventually return to the investor’s pocket in the form of rent or by selling the house or apartment after making some improvements. A property can be easily sold and transformed into financial resources.

Real estate is an asset with variable liquidity according to the movements of the real estate market. As a result, it is necessary to evaluate the ideal moment for the purchase and sale of a house or commercial room. If you are not in the habit of saving money, you can opt for real estate financing and raise your expectations about the future.

The real estate launches of properties on the plant or that are being built are very inviting. They are perfect and very suitable for those who want to start building their heritage and looking for good prices. You will pay a monthly installment that will bring more stability and better economic conditions to your life.

Financial freedom

Buying a property brings more financial freedom for those who want to get out of rent. Those amounts that are paid each month as a rental will never return to the lessors. Not to mention the uncertainty of who rents a property for the house, as the landlord can ask for the house or apartment if he needs to use it.

Paying rent is not an investment and, in most cases, resources are wasted. The situation is temporary, does not offer many benefits to renters and ends up becoming uncomfortable. When buying a property, however, you can make the changes you want and live in it for as long as you want, as it will be yours. No one will be able to come and ask to vacate it.

Realization of dreams

Buying a house is the dream of many Brazilians. If you also have this goal, try to take advantage of the opportunities that arise to achieve that goal. Being able to have a place to live and the autonomy to modify it when necessary, without having to pay monthly rent, is a great achievement for most people.

The adaptations of the spaces are carried out by the owners or authorized by them. After closing the deal and receiving the keys to your property, you can redecorate the environments so that they look the way you like. If you want, you can install cabinets, order custom furniture and change floors and coverings.

How is the moment for this segment?

At this moment, this segment is quite attractive, as the pandemic caused a recession. Consequently, companies that sell real estate are offering competitive prices and various facilities to potential buyers. The purchasing power of Brazilians has decreased due to unemployment, and these goods are more accessible to those who have put money into savings.

Easier to buy

The crisis has brought difficulties for some people and opportunities for others. For example, those who intend to use the FGTS in the purchase of a property will find it easier to negotiate. Therefore, it is enough to choose a house or apartment in the right place and negotiate with companies that have the credibility to have access to these assets that have maintained their profitability.

Lower financing interest

The basic interest rate reached its lowest level since 1986, falling to 2% per year. As the Selic influences the interest on real estate investments, it can be said that this is the best time to adhere to a financing proposal. On the other hand, remuneration from financial investments fell sharply and lost part of profitability.

What to consider when buying?

Investing in real estate in the pandemic is a great idea for anyone looking to finance assets. You may not be able to save money and find it difficult to make an effective financial organization. For this reason, making a commitment to a financial institution will prevent you from ending up spending the amounts with the purchase of other less valuable products. Pay attention to the details below!

Purpose of purchase

Initially, decide if you are looking for a property to live in or lease. If it is for your home, then it is necessary to assess whether the house or apartment will meet your needs and the demands of your family. If your intention is to rent the space, observe the habits of the region’s residents and access to infrastructure.

Property Location

Analyze the location before making the decision to make your purchase. The region where a property is located interferes with its valuation and the income you will obtain when renting it to other people. Try to acquire properties close to pharmacies, health centers, supermarkets, lotteries etc. Don’t forget to check access to roads and highways.

Payment options

Consider the payment options when choosing between purchasing your home or apartment. Are there chances of a significant reduction in your income while paying the installments? Think about the details and see if the financial institution agrees to renegotiate the installments if unforeseen events occur. Also assess ITBI costs.

Reputation of the developer

Check the reputation of the developer with which you will close the deal. It is important to conduct a survey to find out if she has credibility in the market, how many years she has been in the business and whether her customers are satisfied. An Internet search may reveal information about these companies. Analyze the existence of complaints in Reclame Aqui and check the social networks.

Carrying out inspection

Do an inspection of the property to find out if there are any physical problems. Look for cracks in walls or leaks near the pipes. Test the sockets and switches to make sure they are working properly. Enter the bathrooms and flush to check that everything is fine.

Talk to an engineer and ask for an inspection to find out if there are no hidden vices. The professional will make an investigation and point out all the defects that the property has. Consider that most homeowners try to make the properties beautiful for negotiations, carry out minor renovations that can hide some problems.

Property documents

In order to avoid future inconvenience, check the property documents before signing the purchase and sale agreement. Review your registration to make sure it is registered in the seller’s name and that there are no legal restrictions. This document records pledges, mortgages and fiduciary disposals. If you discover any pending issue, look for another asset.

Request negative certificates of labor claims in the Labor Court, as well as negative certificates from the Federal and State Justice to make sure that there is no possibility of being involved in a lawsuit. Don’t forget to apply for negative municipal, state and federal debt certificates on behalf of the current owner.

Incidence of taxes

If the seller’s liability for the payment of taxes and fees for the transfer of the property to his name is not expressly provided for in the contract, separate an amount for the registration at the registry office. There are expenses to be paid when making the public deeds of the properties and the Tax on Transmission of Real Estate (ITBI).

How to invest in real estate in the pandemic?

Although the population is facing a moment of intense challenges, the demand for properties tends to grow more and more and the potential for appreciation will not be interfered with. This is because in our country there is a huge housing deficit and the constant increase in the population makes it necessary to acquire houses to rise year after year.

Green and Yellow House

The Casa Verde e Amarela program came to replace the old Minha Casa Minha Vida, launched by the Federal Government in 2009 in order to facilitate access to housing in Brazilian cities. However, it brings several requirements to the participants, who will not be able to rent the acquired properties, nor sell them before their total discharge. In addition, there are several documents that need to be submitted to the bank.


The real estate financing is an excellent opportunity to buy residential and commercial property. There are many reliable companies that provide credit to investors interested in financing the assets and will offer a variety of benefits. It may be that you do not have a value to give the entry, but you can negotiate the conditions with specialized consultants.


The home equity loans are made by banks that lend money for the purchase of real estate. In return, they charge installments, interest and fees that become a debt to be paid in up to 35 years. The property is in the possession of the buyer, who can use it, however, it will have more difficulties to sell it until it pays off the debt.


The consortium is another credit possibility different from the real estate financing modality, interesting for those who do not intend to pay interest and are in no hurry to receive the keys. With it, you sign the contract, pay the installments and wait until you are contemplated. Then, just receive the letter of credit, choose the most interesting house or apartment and make the purchase.

How can CrediPronto help?

CrediPronto is a company specialized in financial consulting and offers real estate financing to its clients. It was created by the association of companies that are recognized in the national market, Itaú and Lopes, to serve this segment with excellence.

Anyway, now you know why you should invest in real estate in the pandemic. CrediPronto analyzes the proposal for real estate financing quickly and easily for partners who intend to buy or sell the properties. The company eliminates most of the bureaucracy and carries out transactions when the asset is ready for handing over the keys.