What do you already know about using Pinterest for real estate? What knowledge do you already have about the platform? Stop and reflect on this subject for a moment.

Because, although a lot of people don’t know it, Pinterest has become a real “key” to engage and delight customers. That’s because their ability to spread content and deliver it to the right people is exceptional.

However, you need to know how to use it correctly, obviously. After all, just uploading thousands of images every month might not be the best option. But yes, knowing how to upload the right image, and with the right description, can lead to much more engagement and, later, more sales.

Anyway, we’ve prepared a guide with absolutely everything you need to know about the subject. Thus, Lahore Smart City will help you to boost your business with consistent and organic strategies. Come on?

What is Pinterest and how does it work?

Generally speaking, Pinterest is a great idea board. In other words, it’s where people save images, videos and links from different corners of the internet. With this, it is possible to attach these ideas in folders – which can be private or public.

Furthermore, it is possible to invite friends and acquaintances to share the same folder. From there, everyone saves relevant content and materials and disseminates ideas to everyone who is part of that folder.

But, these are just some features of the tool. Pinterest for real estate, for example, can be used to delight with beautiful images, documentation tips for buying/selling, and create content that can help future buyers of your real estate.

And do you know what’s most interesting about it all? You don’t even need to invest large amounts for this. In fact, it is possible to use the platform for free, without paying for ads (although there is a possibility). With that, it is a great option for those who are still starting to play with the social network.

Anyway, in order for you to understand a little more about what Pinterest is, let’s demystify and mean your own name.

We can thus divide the words into:  pin+interest = which in English means  pin+interest. That is, users can “snap” contents that arouse their interest, leaving them in their respective profiles and folders.

The catch is when a person saves, comments or likes a pin: it will appear to people with similar interests as the first. Furthermore, the description and title itself are capable of delivering the content to extremely niched people. And from there, the magic begins!

A new like, a new saved pin, a new follower… Anyway. Little by little, the content is being disseminated in an organic way, and much faster than in other social media. And do you know what is also interesting? You can pin a link on your site.

That way, when someone clicks on the pin, they will be directed to the page of that property that you showed in the photos, or to the post of your real estate blog. Interesting, isn’t it? It is one of the most engaging strategies these days.

How to use Pinterest for real estate? What are the best practices?

Understood how this social media works, it’s time to talk about what interests you most: What about Pinterest for real estate? How can it be used correctly? How to achieve good results? We’ll explain all of this below:

1- Create smart and targeted folders, generating engagement

The first step, before simply uploading several and diverse images, is to think about the content that you will publish on your Pinterest for real estate agencies. Here, you will have to choose the types of content, for example:

  • Infographic about documentation rules, rent, etc.
  • Images of real estate and developments.
  • Informational content about real estate.
  • Posts that redirect to your blog, with content that can answer people’s questions.
  • Quick tips and “Did You Know?” style images.

These options above are just examples, and you can create other threads and themes to follow. But in addition to listing all this, you should create something even further. So, your folders are well segmented. See below:

  • Infographic about documentation rules, rent, etc.: Here you can create a folder with the theme “Purchase and Sale” and another folder with the name “Rental”. So, whenever you create an infographic or some content of tips for those who want to buy a property, put it in the first folder. And rental tips, put on second.
  • Images of properties and developments: Here, for example, you can place photos of developments for sale in the same “Purchase and Sale” folder we mentioned earlier. In addition, you can create folders according to region or style of sale, for example: Apartments for sale; Houses for sale; etc. It is worth remembering that these sales subtopics can be located within the so-called “subfolders”, within the main “Purchase and Sale” folder.

See how much you can organize by folders, according to the content hierarchy? Little by little, you will be able to create more folders and subfolders, according to the type of content you are going to publish.

Remember to only have one type of organization in mind. After all, a feed with lots of different content can look messy to anyone visiting your profile. Therefore, always keep the focus of your real estate and create relevant content on top of it.

  • Tip: To improve the SEO of your content, whenever you create a folder, click on “Edit” and put relevant hashtags in the “Description”. Following our example of buying and selling, you could put, for example: #compraevendadeimóveis #compraevendadeimóveis #compradeimóveis #compradeimóveis #sellingimóveis #comoescolherumimóvel, and so on.

2- Make the most of the images and use those of your own

The second step is, without a doubt, to perfect your images. After all, it’s no use having relevant and well-targeted content, if when using Pinterest for real estate companies you’re wrong in the use of images. That’s because, first of all, you need to be aware that we’re working with visual social media.

And as it is visual, the images need to draw attention, as well as the contents that may be written in these images. Remember not to make the mistake of creating a real “visual pollution”, ok? And that balance is the key to keeping the image harmonious.

For example, if you publish a photo of a property that has a large garden, with lots of green, no red writing on top, okay? As well as leaving the image loaded, it can make reading difficult.

  • Tip:  An interesting way to get inspired for the composition of your posts is to look at Pinterest for real estate companies that are already established on the network. So, you can get an idea of ​​the harmony of colors, images, etc.
  • Tip 2:  Always try to use photos of real estate that you took yourself. Also, make sure the image is in a good resolution and doesn’t get “blurry” in your feed.

3- Descriptions are important and must be detailed and concise

Remember when we mentioned that you should edit your folders and subfolders, adding a description and including relevant hashtags? Well, this is also true for each pin you will publish.

This is because, in addition to using the images themselves as a “thermometer” to know who receives them in surveys, or not, Pinterest’s algorithms also appropriate the written information. So, the more detailed your description of your Pin, and the more information put into hashtags, the better.

However, you don’t need to write huge texts. You can just stick to what’s most crucial about the image. For example:

  • If you post a Pin, pointing to content on your blog about “How to choose an apartment”, you can write a description like this: See in this post how you can better analyze your choice and purchase an apartment that is in line with what you want. really need. After this description, add the hashtags.

4- Hashtags to disseminate content and engage with search engines

In addition to improving your descriptions, with super instigating and eye-catching mini texts, you’ll have to take care of the hashtags. These, in turn, will be crucial for your Pin to be found in searches, and even outside of Pinterest! After all, when someone searches for a subject on Google, it can suggest you Pin.

Therefore, you should study your hashtags well, and not just fill in space. This way, you will make your content more explanatory, and the network’s own algorithms will “read” them and direct them to the right people.

  • Tip:  You can find hashtags for your content using Pinterest’s own search engine. For example: You can search for the word “Buy apartment” and listen to search suggestions, as in the image below.

Use the suggestions in your hashtags and engage your content even more.

  • Tip 2: Another way to find hashtags is using Google’s keyword search engine. There you will be able to see which keywords are similar to the search “Buy apartment” and you can use them as a foundation in your publications. Always do this research before posting new Pinterest content for real estate.

5- Eye-catching titles that arouse curiosity

Finally, you will need to plan your titles. After all, they, after the images, are one of the most important points of your Pins. For this, you must analyze carefully. Don’t try to fill in space! The title is important for the SEO of the content, as well as being crucial to pique the interest of the person. If she wakes up, she can click on the pin and visit your site; click on “loved”; save your pin and even follow your profile.

Therefore, every care is important and essential for good results. Below we list some tips that can help you:

  • Know the keyword and leave it at the beginning of the title: Remember that people looking for something, they will use a keyword for it. Therefore, always place it at the beginning of the title. So, in addition to drawing more attention, you will also make it easier for search engines to find your Pins.
  • Write the essentials in the first few characters: The first 40 characters will be what the user will see in the initial feed. The rest can only be read if the person opens the Pin in a larger size. So be careful what you write! Try to arouse interest in these first 40, using the keyword and words that arouse the desire to know more about that subject.
  • Create lists: Lists are, without a doubt, one of the ways that most arouses the desire to know more. So, use ideas like “7 tips to buy the perfect apartment” and make people click on your Pin and arrive at your website/content.
  • Arouse curiosity: Always follow the idea of ​​arousing curiosity. For this, imagine that you are the one reading the content, as a customer. Does it awaken your desire to know more?
  • Use mental triggers: The mental triggers are your allies in this journey. Use them (without exaggerating and forcing, ok?) and reach your audience in the right way.

Remember that creativity is your greatest ally in this process and, in addition, practice is what will lead you to increasingly expressive results.

What are the advantages of using Pinterest for real estate? Worth it?

Now that you know all about Pinterest for real estate, it’s time to understand why this type of social media has been so successful. Below we’ll give you some important signs of advantages that you can enjoy and so understand that yes, using Pinterest is very worthwhile!

1- Scope of publications

Posts have an unlimited reach, unlike many social networks. Of course, the more interactions with the post, “the further it goes”. However, it is not restricted to your followers, but appears to all people who have relative interests with your business and its content.

That’s why the neater your descriptions and images, the better your scope!

2- Chances of going viral

The chances of going viral are huge. That’s because it’s easy to save a Pin, even if it’s in a secret folder. Therefore, people feel more at ease, unlike what can happen on other social sharing networks.

3- Timeless SEO

The Pinterest SEO for real estate is timeless. In other words, it won’t just be in the first few days that your post will appear in searches. Also, it will not only be during this period that it will be indicated for people with similar interests to what you offer.

But yes, if you really fancy it, they will be delivered to new people every day. And depending on the quality of the content, the delivery could be huge, virilizing your Pins almost every day!

4- Metrics that facilitate

Metrics are also important. From them you can follow the type of Pin that is most successful in your network, and you can work on similar options. Therefore, it reaches more and more people and results, day after day. Interesting, isn’t it?

Because now that you know how to use Pinterest for real estate, it’s time to get your hands dirty! And remember that Social Media Integration tools can also help you in this process. We wish you every success and that your Pins are seen by thousands of people every day!