The oratory for real estate agents is one of the most amazing ways you, broker or broker, you can apply in your day to day work. After all, this is a path that many professionals find for something that is essential in their daily lives: selling a product, a service or an idea.

But, of course, public speaking alone may not be enough if you don’t have a good marketing strategy, a good product or service, or a list of prospects genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

In this case, the vocalization would be merely illustrative and, even if you invested a lot in your way of speaking, sales would not happen, because the fundamentals would not be correct.

Once you have all these factors in place, it’s time to practice your voice. That is, your oratory. Speaking clearly, objectively, grounded and with knowledge at the tip of the tongue are some of the most important factors in this journey. And Lahore Smart City help you understand all this better from now on.

Come on?

Public Speaking for Real Estate Agents – How Can Your Sales Improve a Lot from Good Public Speaking? See some valuable tips

Performing a good oratory for real estate agents is not just a way to decorate or make a product or service more “beautiful”.

There are those who believe that oratory are just beautiful words being said in a formal way, by a well-groomed person on a stage with special lighting. But the truth is that public speaking is a much deeper topic than that.

Good public speaking can happen, for example, over the phone. In this case, there would be no way to see the speaker and even then, there would be excellent business opportunities there.

In other words, the oratory for real estate brokers that will work the most is the one that hits certain criteria in the vein, such as: audience, tone, words or product/service.

And to help you with that, we’ve put together a list with some of the main targets you need to set to improve your word pronunciation to increase your real estate sales. See below:

  • Pay attention to your breathing so that you don’t change it during your lines;
  • Understanding the subject in a broad and general way is much better than memorizing data and information about a property;
  • Be fully aware of how your persona communicates – And communicate this way to generate empathy and connection;
  • Be honest in all materials you produce or public speaking events – Honesty in speech builds empathy;
  • Speak one word at a time during your vocalization – This helps create diction and people pick up the words;
  • The tone of voice matters when selling – Use one according to the location and audience;
  • Be succinct and end the sentences objectively so that there is no disconnection from the lead during your oratory;

To help you better pin down the above content, we’re going to explore topic by topic from now on, in a way that gets you immersed in the topic and can become an excellent real estate orator. Come on?

Pay attention to your breathing so that you don’t change it during the lines

Our breath is present in everything in our life. Without breathing, we can accomplish absolutely nothing in life – after all, we would not exist.

However, if you stop to think, many times we don’t even remember the breath or think about it, as it is a natural action of the body. Everything happens mechanically, at the right time and the right number of times.

But there are some factors that can cause our breathing to get out of balance and out of step. For example, a practice of sports by someone who is sedentary is a good example of how breathing can then be quickly compromised.

And not because the body doesn’t know how to act otherwise. But yes, because he hasn’t learned how yet.

In moments of great emotion, our breathing can dictate the rhythm of our speech. And it is precisely this point that you need to realize during an oratory.

If you’re not very adept at public speaking or direct sales, breathing control can help a lot to make your sentences clearer and more objective.

So, pay attention to your breathing and try to control it so that it doesn’t go out of time. One of the most common oratory mistakes for real estate agents is the urge to talk things over and over again – especially for the less experienced.

Take it easy. Breathe evenly and talk things out slowly.

Tip: Use punctuation in your lines so that commas and periods are present. This will help your breathing.

Understanding the subject in a broad and general way is much better than memorizing data and information about a property

Knowledge about a subject is what makes us achieve a very high level of vocalization and oratory. After all, everything becomes simpler and our mind can find the right words at the right time.

This is one of the reasons why a study based on memorizing information is not as efficient as a study based on general understanding of the content.

And that’s exactly what you, broker and brokerage, need to do to be able to have a good oratory when selling real estate: understand, in a broad and general way, the subject surrounding a property.

As much as some data need to be in the head (such as square meters, number of doors, bathrooms, etc.), this will never be more important than general knowledge about that property, to demonstrate security when selling.

Loose data, numbers and leading, can always be consulted and confirmed. But a broad understanding of a property’s neighborhood, city, neighbors and region always needs to be on the tip of your tongue.

Often the sale will take place for these reasons.

Be fully aware of how your persona communicates – And communicate this way to generate empathy and connection

One of the most popular and true phrases in the world of communication and marketing is the following: “communication is not what you say. But yes, what the other listens to”. This sentence is from David Ogilvy, one of the greatest publicists in history.

And we can even apply it to a good oratory for real estate agents. After all, it’s much more important that you communicate in a way that your audience understands than in a merely illustrative way.

Merely illustrative communication is one in which your phrases, words and conversations become a landscape in the prospect’s mind. It goes in one ear and out the other.

And believe me: this is very common. After all, when you can’t achieve the level of communication your prospect is hoping for, he won’t listen.

But you see: achieving a good level of communication here is not about speaking the best words or using the new word you discovered in the dictionary. But yes, use the right words.

You will speak one way to an 18- or 19-year-old who is looking for their first home to rent, and you will speak in a totally different way to a family that has children, grandchildren or is looking for a place to enjoy retirement.

These are different times and different lives. And communication needs to keep up with that.

So, speak what these audiences want to hear. Not what you think is cute to talk about. Here’s how to study the persona and target audience to get the most out of them.

Be honest in all materials you produce or public speaking events – Honesty in speech breeds empathy

Some people use honesty as a virtue, where telling the truth becomes something above average or a positive differentiator. This, of course, is important. But you need to be genuinely honest. Not in a way that you need to be talking or vocalizing all the time that you work honestly.

After all, this is the least expected of a competent professional and, literally, professional.

In this way, never give up being honest in your speeches.

Your oratory will go through a process of validation and acceptance by the public. And believe me: the public always knows when you’re telling the truth or when you’re trying to give that “slap” to increase a product attribute a little. Do not do this!

Sincerity and honesty in speech generate empathy. And, as you know, empathy is what will bring the prospect to your real estate side.

When there is empathy, you can extract very large benefits from this relationship in the medium and long term, as you will be able to use a much more direct and efficient communication.

But how can you create sincere and honest public speaking?

Mainly by following the steps we mentioned above. Many times, you are even being sincere, but when you do not master the subject, the oratory becomes “broken”, generating disconnection and distrust.

There may not even be cheating in your speech, but the fact of not vocalizing the right words, with breath and mastery of the subject, can generate a false sense of distrust in the prospect. And this, of course, is going to be very bad for business.

Speak one word at a time during your vocalization – This helps create diction and people pick up the words

Those obvious tips are often the ones that make the most sense. After all, like breathing, we often don’t pay attention to our speech.

That is, we speak in an automatic way, where the autopilot is turned on and the words are just fired from our mouths.

But this can be too big a mistake for good oratory for real estate agents. So, use the same technique mentioned in the topic on breathing here: think of the words and keep them organized as you speak.

As much as what you want to say has been formalized in your mind for a long time, the words need to come out in an order that makes sense to the prospect listening to you.

So, use one word at a timeone after the otherclearly and objectively. Speak the words in their essence, respecting all the syllables and sounds of the letters.

Of course, this doesn’t have to happen in a mechanical and robotic way. After all, this also generates disconnection. So, a lot of practice will be needed. Training in front of the mirror can help a lot.

Tip: look for a speech therapy professional to be able to reproduce the words correctly. A few simple movements of the tongue or lips can make all the difference when it comes to vocalizing in a more understandable way.

And a little professional help for this is always important.

The tone of voice matters when selling – Use one according to location and audience

The tone of voice is one of the most important things during a sales process. There are some types of voice tone that need to be used in certain situations. However, they will all be linked to what your prospect or persona actually wants to hear.

Often the changed tone of voice makes people give up listening to any speech. And at other times, this same altered tone of voice makes people want to listen and pay a lot of attention.

Everything will depend on the context, the subject, the proposal, the product and, of course, the target audience that you have previously studied.

Be succinct and finish the sentences objectively so there is no lead disconnection during your oratory

And our final oratory tip for real estate agents is: complete the sentences. Don’t start a reasoning or an explanation without a conclusion.

The conclusion serves to put an end to that line of reasoning and move on to another. This helps create an organization of understanding in the prospect’s mind, causing there to be a greater (and better) understanding of that subject.

Therefore, use grammatical punctuation in your speech, so that you always vocalize using the right intonations, with adequate pauses and good conclusions.

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