What is better, a real estate website or social networks for real estate? This is a question that perhaps doesn’t make much sense, since they are totally different elements within a digital real estate marketing strategy.

Both tools have specific and important functions. However, a real estate website has something that social networks don’t: independence.

The independence of a real estate website can be what will make your business sell at scale and earn big, as there is a lot of flexibility and you can then devise a lot of strategies from that.

But it’s not just the issue of independence that you need to consider. There are other technical factors that are also important and that few people take into account.

To understand everything about the topic, read on. Let’s explore with Lahore Smart City the complete universe between having a real estate website or social networks. Follow up.

Real Estate Website or Social Networking – Understand why you should have a real estate website (and start doing it today)

Between having a real estate website or social networks, it’s important that you have both. However, we need to talk about the real importance of having a website and how fundamental it is to any marketing strategy.

Many years ago, having a website was a huge competitive differentiator. Companies that had a website were considered much more interesting and conveyed much more credibility.

After a while, having a website became mandatory. In other words, it is no longer a mere differential. But yes, a fantastic tool that can provide many benefits for those who know how to use it in the right way.

But what would “use in the right way” be, given that a website doesn’t bring as many differentials for the company as it did before?

This is the point that needs to be understood. What was once just a credibility strategy can now be a sales machine.

After all, when a website is designed and thought for the end user (your real estate prospect), the chances of good results appearing are very high. And from that point of view, you should start thinking about making a website for your real estate today.

Important detail: even if you work autonomously, know that having a website is one of the most fantastic ways to deliver value and build a base of assets that can generate revenue in the medium and long term.

And let’s understand why this is all from now on. Continue reading.

The main difference between a real estate website and social media for real estate – Audience, content, engagement and sales

Nowadays, having a real estate website has become a must for anyone who wants to increase real estate sales.

However, just creating the site itself does not mean that you will have any success and that sales will start happening overnight.

Quite the opposite. If the site is not good, it will become a landscape and people who come to it will hardly take any action.

And to understand this as best as possible, we cannot simply compare a website with a social network. Are different. Have different goals. They have different features. They have different audiences.

Nowadays, a good real estate profile on Instagram has the ability to bring together many people who are interested in a certain subject and, there, the company or broker can publish valuable content, in order to always help someone.

However, no matter how much you have a thousand, two thousand or a million followers on your social network, it is important to understand that these followers do not belong to you. That is, they are not part of your perennial asset group.

Who owns the audience is the social network itself. You just segmented, so you were able to gather a group of people around one type of real estate content.

This is perhaps one of the most important differences that needs to be considered by people who are understanding what is best: real estate website or social media.

But don’t worry: we’re going to deepen our understanding of this with examples of how a website can have more long-term value than a social network. Follow up!

Advantages of having a real estate website independently

As we have understood so far, having a real estate website or social networks is fundamental for anyone who wants to grow in the digital environment.

Today, this is no longer a differential. But yes, need. Social networks do have their value. However, they need to be placed in the strategy as a means of communication, not the solid base of the audience that your real estate company aims to have.

A real estate website enters this story as a strong generator of prospects, in addition to serving as the basis for excellent digital marketing strategies that you can implement in the medium and long term.

In other words, the real estate website must be the basis of your real estate’s strategies, so that social networks are used as a complement to attract a segmented target audience.

Let’s not forget the basic principle of a social network: bring people together and make them interact. A social network is actually a network of people who want to share stories and moments in photos and videos through social media, which are the companies we know on Facebook or Instagram.

Starting from this basic principle, see what a real estate website will offer for the implementation of your strategies:

  • You have complete control of your audience and can engage them in many different ways;
  • A real estate website allows targeting audiences by producing organic content – ​​You’ll appear on Google;
  • You’re not on rented land – What if the social network decides to end overnight or lose users?
  • A real estate website can help your real estate to sell much more due to its technical features;

We’ll cover each of these topics from now on so that you can dig deeper and maybe start building your real estate website today. Come on?

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You have full control of your audience and can engage them in many different ways.

One of the first features to consider from a real estate website is the fact that you have a lot of control over your target audience. That is, you can handle it as you see fit.

This possibility opens up a range of opportunities and possibilities since on the social network you don’t have much control over what you can or cannot do with your audience.

Want a practical example? Check it out: On social networks, regardless of which ones they are, you will have a very low content delivery. In other words, the chances of people not seeing your content are really great.

Only 2 or 3 percent of people who follow your account on a social network actually receive some content that you post.

That is, as much as you have a gigantic following, the chances of these followers not seeing the content is much greater than they actually do.

And this makes your marketing strategy fall behind in absolutely every aspect, if you don’t do what the big players do: advertisements.

This is when you start investing even more money to get the attention you want on social media, as paid ads can then deliver your content to the right people.

There’s nothing wrong with paid ads, okay? They’re excellent actually. But if we compare to the power of a website, the chances of attracting a large audience are much higher, as you will have the power of Google rankings.

We will understand more about this from now on. Continue reading.

A real estate website allows targeting audiences by producing organic content – ​​You’ll appear on Google

If the social network doesn’t deliver your content and you’re tied to making ads to make the delivery happen, know that a real estate website doesn’t necessarily do that.

After all, with a good website, you can have what everyone dreams of: being well ranked by Google. In other words, being on the first pages of Google when someone searches for a subject that has to do with your real estate agency.

Organic content is a very high-quality traffic source for a simple reason: People who come to your content are already looking for it.

Unlike the behavior of people who are on social networks, who want to go down the timeline and see photos of friends, and not buy an apartment right then and there.

So, we recommend that you start building a site with a good real estate blog today so that you can appear on Google at the right time and to the right people.

And thus, build a base of real estate leads that are truly relevant to your business, and not just a large number of people, which is what social media likes to do.

It is not new that the social network number is a criterion for status and credibility. Having a lot of followers is beautiful. But does this boil down to cash in the real estate box?

If your company is not making money or generating value with social media, you need to review the strategies as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you will be wasting money when you could invest in quality traffic and relevant assets, such as prospecting for customers through targeted content.

Here’s how to win leads with a real estate blog.

You’re not on rented land – What if the social network decides to end overnight or lose users?

Putting your real estate on social media is, yes, important for a marketing strategy. Social media is fantastic and can help a company sell more. This is an indisputable fact.

However, you need to act the right way, so that your real estate does not get tied up in the social network. 

This is the concept of leased land. Farming on rented land can work in the short term. But in the long run, the tendency is for there to be discomfort for several reasons.

One of them is very simple: what if the social network just goes away? Remember that social networks are businesses. And just like a human being, a company also has a useful life.

Building a fan base on social media and relying solely on that to sell can be a serious flaw in your business plan and your marketing plan.

Therefore, when choosing between a real estate website or social networks, choose both, but with a greater focus on your website, from the point of view of attracting prospects and building assets.

Having a list of contacts via email, phone or WhatsApp is much better than having hundreds of users following an account on Instagram or Facebook.

You need to sell to people. And having an asset base (people) has a lot of long-term value. So, be sure to build your real asset base, ok?

A real estate website can help your real estate to sell a lot more due to its technical features

And finally, we cannot fail to mention the technical capacity of a real estate website. In other words, you’ll have much more possibilities to generate cash through your website, because with it you’ll be able to assemble pages of different formats, with a focus on converting some product or service.

For this, count on the pre-made sites of Ville Imob. You’ll be able to modify the template to make it look like your real estate agency and still enjoy all the technical resources it offers, without having to worry about expensive programmers.

A pre-made real estate website can offer a chat system, product filtering, asset capture and many other features so you don’t get dependent on a social network.

So, count on Ville Imob to help improve your real estate sales on the internet and let’s make good deals together.