Your real estate does not appear on Google? Have you made many changes to your site in order to better position your content and properties in search engines, but unfortunately you still haven’t achieved the success you want? So maybe it’s time to do an investigation into what might be wrong with managing your real estate website.

This is because many variables can be involved with this not-so-positive result. Because of this, it is necessary to pay attention to all the details in order to have a more accurate diagnosis. So, later, you can optimize your real estate blog in the best way.

So Lahore Smart City made this guide to help you understand everything that’s involved with this issue. Follow up.

Understand the reasons why your real estate doesn’t show up on Google

Below we list the reasons why your real estate doesn’t show up on Google. Understand and learn how to take appropriate action to solve the problem:

1- Sitemap is not generated

If you don’t generate your sitemap for your site, the indexing process may take longer. This is because the sitemap is a text file or document that facilitates the work of search engines. After all, in general, search engines discover new pages on your site from links that have already been indexed.

Because of that, you need to generate your sitemap and send it to the search engine, so that it “knows” and indexes your pages. From there, all your new content will be more easily indexed.

But do not worry! Ville Imob has all the tools you need to generate your sitemap.

2- URLs are not index-friendly

Did you know that your URLs are very important for indexing? In addition to creating SEO-optimized content and text, you need to think about which address that page is located.

For example, if you want to publicize content that I talked about “real estate contracts”, but your URL is confusing, like: do. contracts.2020/11, it may be that search engines do not understand that the keyword real estate contracts is related to this page.

Therefore, whenever you make content, whether from a blog or a page on your website, try to optimize the URL as well. This way you ensure that reading Google bots, for example, are more effective and accurate.

3- non-optimized meta tags

Meta tags are extremely important, especially if your real estate company doesn’t appear on Google. This is because search engines and users themselves will be able to “read” the meta description and have more information about the text.

The information posted in the meta tag is passed to the browser and Google robots, which will analyze the possibility of your content appearing higher or lower in searches. For this reason, be careful with this summary, in an optimized way and including the keyword, in addition to not exceeding the 160 characters available.

4- Robots.txt files are not suitable

If robots.txt files are not suitable, search engines may find it difficult to index your pages. This is because this file must be saved in the root folder of your website, as it indicates to search engines which pages and contents you want not to be accessed by search engines.

Thus, it decreases the chance of keyword conflicts, for example. This being one of the most important causes that your real estate does not appear on Google.

Keywords: How do they impact your real estate’s positioning?

In addition to the more technical issues that we listed in the previous topic, there are still other important reasons for cases where the real estate agency does not appear on Google. Among them, we cannot fail to mention the importance of keywords.

After all, it is from a good keyword that your potential customer can reach you from search engines like Google and Bing. Thus, the user types a certain keyword in the search engine and finds your site well positioned on Google.

But, how to position a page well, assuming that there are thousands of websites and blogs trying this same feat? Well, for that there are several points that must be carefully analyzed, before simply venturing into content creation.

Below we give some tips on how you can improve the placement of your real estate by keyword:

1- Keyword competition

Often your real estate will not appear on Google because of keyword competition. That is, each keyword has a unique competition. Some are more searched and therefore more popular, which makes indexing more time-consuming and difficult.

Others are less sought after and as such may be easier to index. The secret lies in knowing how to manage and shape your site according to harmony between these two types of keywords.

It is very important that you consider building content with competitive keywords, as well as betting on simpler and “easy” options to index. This will allow your real estate blog or website to gradually grow in different “corners” of the internet.

In addition, it is worth noting that when content is very popular, one of the secrets is to observe which pages are in first place on Google.

Evaluate the competitor’s content, find the positives and negatives and write them down. From this in-depth search, it will be much easier for you to work on new and complete content that surpasses those previous pages.

So, although the competition is high, you will be able to better develop your website and its content.

2- Authority of the blog within the choice of keywords

Another reason why your real estate doesn’t show up on Google is with regards to blog /site authority. But what is this authority?

Well, Google understands that content that is well done, in a professional way, is much more interesting than content made by a blog without foundation, obviously. Thus, all sites receive an authority “rating” ranging from 1 to 100. The higher the authority, the better the chances of indexing on the first page.

In any case, this authority can grow over time, as long as:

  • You build valuable content that really helps your customers;
  • You know how to work with relevant keywords that drive your business;
  • You use research and market data to support the content you build;
  • You can be a referral by getting other sites and blogs to add links to your content, pointing to your page (we’ll talk about that later).

The blog’s authority is “floating”, that is, it can increase and decrease, according to the frequency of publications, written content, quality of material, etc. The secret is to work on valuable content, which is relevant and brings good results to your customers.

Your real estate doesn’t show up on Google? See other important precautions

In addition to choosing the right keywords and increasing authority within your industry, there are other important steps to improve your business’s positioning on the web. See below:

1- Guest post and links on other sites

In the topic above, we mentioned the importance of you being a true internet reference in order to increase your website’s authority on the web. But if your real estate doesn’t appear on Google, how can you become a reference before it even grows?

For this, you can bet on the well-known “guest post”. But what is a guest post? A guest post is nothing more than a  guest article that you do on a partner site directing a link to yours.

For example, if you have content about rental contracts, you can partner with a legal website that talks about contracts and bureaucracies in this regard. Thus, you can send a text that talks about the subject, as long as you follow the characteristics of the partner site, including a link from you.

Soon, you will be building a solid foundation on the internet, which will make search engines understand that your content is relevant to the point of creating a reference support for other blogs and websites.

2- Time the site has been online on the web

The length of time your site has been online on the web also directly influences the fact that your real estate agency doesn’t appear on Google. After all, building authority takes time, and it won’t be overnight that you’ll have this “weight”.

Also, indexing a website itself can take some time. So, stop and think: Imagine how many millions of blogs and websites there are… And yet: Imagine how many new websites and blogs appear every day. This can give us an important clue to the work that search engines have to read and reread all these pages.

Therefore, try to maintain regularity and consistency in your content, in order to make your site appear more and more on Google.

Remember that this is a thorough and detailed work, which requires time and dedication. At first, it may seem that everything is taking a long time, but as time goes by, the site creates a volume of content and authority, being increasingly requested on the internet.

The secret is to be patient! The more you dedicate yourself, over the days and months, the better your results will be. It should be noted that large and established blogs, which we see today, did not reach the “top” overnight. But yes, they have a history of construction and dedication behind them.

3- Content update volume

Your real estate agency doesn’t appear on Google, but what has been the update volume of its contents? How often do you post something new and relevant to your blog? How often do you usually feed your audience with interesting information? Stop and reflect on this factor.

It must be borne in mind that millions of blogs and portals on the internet are updated day after day. They create new, complete, structured content, and thus, search for the much dreamed of Google’s first page. So, if you are not ready to build content weekly or at least on a regular basis, you can be “passed” by these sites.

After all, they will be active, with their authorities growing and delivering a lot of information to their followers and readers. While your site is, little by little, being pushed aside by search engines.

Therefore, try to create a publication and update schedule on your website. Create a routine that develops a regularity, which can be weekly, biweekly, daily, monthly… Anyway! But keep in mind that the more regular, frequent and consistent the publications, the better the results.

4- Number of hits on your website

The amount of hits can be something that impacts the fact that your real estate doesn’t show up on Google. Do you know why? Because the trend is that the more access, the more your blog grows, obviously.

But how to gain these first accesses without having all the required authority? And still: How to get access if your site is not well positioned in search engines?

To solve this impasse, you can bet on social media. They can serve as a gateway for your first visitors to come to your site. To do this, bet on posts on Facebook, Pinterest for real estate agencies, Instagram, etc.

The more you spread your blog content across different platforms, the better your result. Structure your social media to regularly publish and publicize your website links. You can do this “repeatedly”.

On Pinterest, for example, you can publish the same link from several calls, with different images and Call to Action. Experiment with different versions until you find the one that makes users click the link the most.

5- Proper optimization of pages

Finally, if your real estate agency doesn’t appear on Google, maybe it’s time for you to study and structure the optimization of all your pages. Work on your keywords consistently, and see what “holes” might be that are going unnoticed.

To make your work easier, count on structured tools, which have code generators that improve your site’s indexing on Google. The Ville Imob has all these features. To learn more, click here and see everything you need to know to have a quality real estate website.

Remember that if your real estate doesn’t appear on Google, you can start developing it little by little. However, with proper support this path could be shortened. Count on us for even more results!